Employee Recognition Recipients

2023 Recipients

April - Tyler Jarosz

Tyler has been a Case Design Analyst with DBS since 2018 and he earned his Senior Case Design Analyst title in December of 2021.

When Tyler started working for DBS he was part of the Ameriprise Unit, but in early 2021 joined the Enterprise Unit and has shown strong support to his assigned Field Relationship Managers ever since. He takes great pride in his role and will do whatever is necessary to see his regions grow and help his FRMs find success. 

This year, he has proven to be a great support to the Case Design Team. He acted as a SME for Salesforce, continues to volunteer to be a conduit between the CDA and Sales Teams, and is taking the time to understand how both the FRMs and Terri can use the new system. He also took charge of reporting in Salesforce when there is a product change or reprice. He enjoys training new Case Designers and is a resource for them when needed.

Tyler has been a constant support to the advisors on both the Enterprise Unit and the Ameriprise Unit as needed. Recently he assisted an Ameriprise advisor on a jumbo case when Dave, their assigned CDA, was out of the office. Here is a nomination from that advisor:

“I cannot thank you enough for all the effort you put into this. I really appreciate you backing up Dave so amazingly. It is great to have such an amazing group at DBS supporting me.”

And another nom shows his great level of service:

“Tyler was incredibly helpful during a long and ever-changing quoting process for Lincoln MoneyGuard. I must have put this poor guy through re-running quotes 7 or 8 times. He is always prompt on his responses and gave me the exact information I needed. Two thumbs up!”

With Ryan’s departure, Tyler was called to step up and support the South region without an FRM and he has done just that. Chuck shared how well he’s doing there in this nomination:

“Suffice it to say that I see activity daily from Tyler driving our South Region revenue. Just this week, he landed a nice case with a key advisor, and has stepped right in to be our Lead for another high-profile advisor. Great to see him and our case managers partnering up on our South Region cases.”

This is Tyler’s 4th Employee of the Month win with wins also in 2019, 2020, 2021. 

Please join me in congratulating Tyler!

March - Della Distel

Della joined DBS in April of 2019 and is on our Case Coordination team. She makes it easy for our customers to submit business to DBS and is knowledgeable and helpful to all who contact us through our busy iGo queue. She is willing to walk advisors step-by-step through the submission process, and she wows customers, both internal and external, with her great customer service.

Over the past several years, Della has grown in her industry knowledge. She asks key questions to further herself, and that has led to her leading our new AppVantage Program. Her follow-up and thorough nature is getting noticed both by her co-workers and advisors, and she has been a great ambassador of the program.

The following is something one of her co-workers had to say:

“Della is FANTASTIC with AppVantage!!! She demonstrates professionalism with each and every customer and keeps all internal DBS parties informed of any and all activity going on with cases. She is a superstar!!!!!

Della has always been reliable and very responsive at responding to any requests or questions I have had. She is truly an asset to DBS.”

Another co-worker mentioned Della’s assistance in getting a large case placed through the AppVantage program:

“Della was professional when interacting with advisors and instilled a high-level of confidence in her commitment. On a recent large case, she reached out to the advisor’s admin to complete the application through the AppVantage program – same day – which resulted in moving the case along.

She assisted with another case, and in both instances she exceeded advisors’ expectations and mine as well. She handled both as though they were $1M Target opportunities and proactively communicated each step to all parties. Her time and quality of service was prompt and excellent.”

This is Della’s first EOTM WIN! We are truly blessed to have her be a part of our DBS TEAM! Congratulations, Della!

February - Jessica Schultz

Jessica joined DBS in October of 2016 as a Licensing Specialist. Since then, she has grown in her role, and is now the Licensing & Commissions Supervisor. Jessica does a great job balancing her Licensing & Commissions tasks, managing her team, and solving problems for our DBS advisors every day.

Jessica leads her team with a consistently positive and effective style. When it comes to her daily tasks, she is fast and thorough, and this attention to detail is critical to ensuring that information is correct, people get paid and things run smoothly.

Here is what one of her DBS partners had to say about Jessica:

“Jessica has been fantastic, keeping herself – and her team – on top of all of our work on data integrity as we’ve converted to Salesforce. With the iPipeline sync not functional at conversion time, she has worked up alternate procedures, and as things change or get tightened up, she has happily agreed to modifying her and her team’s processes to accommodate that.

This is a very important aspect to having things run smoothly at DBS, as it affects compensation, workflows, marketing logistics, and so much more, so it’s vital having someone like Jessica leading the charge and staying on top of the finer details.”

Also, a member of our Sales Team had this to say about Jessica:

“Jessica is so good at what she does. When I brought to her attention that with the merging of CRM into Salesforce, a new account that I’ve been working on had outdated information. Within an hour she had it fixed and I was on to the next task. That is Jessica to a tee. She gets something to do and just gets it done! She’s simply the best!”

This is Jessica’s 3rd EOM WIN! We truly appreciate her and are thankful to have her be a part of our DBS TEAM! Congratulations, Jessica!

January - Kelly Barrett

Kelly joined DBS in the summer of 2014. She has held many roles within the DBS family and currently is a Case Manager in the Western Region.

Kelly focuses on term cases, and she always makes sure that her cases move quickly and smoothly. Her advisors truly appreciate the great service she provides. In fact, she is an integral part of DBS’ team in keeping advisors happy and continuing to submit business through our agency.

When things do not go as expected, Kelly jumps in to proactively work with carriers to fix issues and make sure that cases are placed. Here is some  great feedback we received about Kelly from one of our internal Sales partners:

“Kelly got involved when there was a billing issue with one of my advisor’s companion business cases. We showed that the business was inforce, but it was still in pending status at the carrier. The first case went inforce in early October. Kelly relentlessly called the carrier on a frequent basis and then worked with the advisor to figure out first what the problem was and then find a solution to get the other case inforce.”

This is the 2nd time Kelly has been named the Employee of the Month. She last earned this honor in April of 2018.   

We are so happy to have her be a part of our DBS TEAM! Congratulations, Kelly!

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