Employee Recognition Recipients

2019 Recipients

April - Kristin Dolan

Kristin Dolan, our Field Relationship Manager in the Southeast region, joined the DBS team in August of 2014. Prior to working for DBS Kristin worked for Crump Life Insurance Services and had also been with an independent insurance agency. She lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and covers the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina, and Virginia. Kristin is a key member of the sales team and has built her territory into a high producing region as she continues to build on her many key relationships.

An advisor nomination illustrates Kristin’s tenacity, and shows how important it is to her to nurture the relationships she has with the advisors in her region:

Kristin deserves a HUGE award for her attention to detail, and because of her, I’m a loyal DBS client.

I received a MoneyGuard app in March, and later during the month of April I wanted to know if my California app would still be good since I already printed back in March. Kristin worked with me on 4/22 and 4/23 getting me what I needed. All I wanted was a confirmation if the app was still good since I had already printed.

Kristin read my email thoroughly and got me what I wanted! I did not ask my usual app person because Kristin is dependable and super fast and efficient!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s the best relationship manager I have ever worked with in my 22 years!!! She deserves a big raise.”

Kristin was chosen from a total of 29 co-worker nominations and 9 advisor nominations.

March - Rob Crowley

Rob started working for DBS in January of 2015. He grew up in the life insurance brokerage industry. His grandfather started Brokers Clearing House, a BGA in Des Moines, Iowa that Rob’s mother, Barbara Crowley, later took over and now runs. It was there that Rob got his expertise in the life insurance business before moving to Minnesota.

Here at DBS, Rob has not only worked in the Case Design role, but also as our Life Specialist working on the inforce side. Rob’s background in insurance helped him step into both roles without too much training. In fact, he excelled as our Life Specialist and earned the title of Employee of the Month in November of 2017.

With the rollout of regionalization and the creation of two separate units of the CDA Team, Enterprise and Ameriprise, Rob was eager to step back into Case Design, so he took on the Enterprise role as the regional Case Design Analyst for the North Central and Great Lakes regions. Since the inception of regionalization on March 1st, Rob has given 110%, doing his best to make an impact on this region and providing the highest-level of service possible. It has been challenging with the significant changes and influx of activity, but Rob has risen to the challenge. The nominations he has received for March demonstrate that. 

“Rob provided me a detailed analysis of a situation brought to me by a young couple. The analysis provided by Rob gives me the confidence to guide this young couple towards a path that will help them rather than confuse them. This was my first time working with Rob and I appreciated his attention to detail.”

Rob had 3 co-worker nominations out of 40 and 1 agent nomination out of 17! 32 different DBS employees were nominated in March, which just might be a record!

February - Kevin Singh

Kevin joined the DBS Team in June of 2018 and has been key member of the Support & Services Team. He completes an incredible volume of work, all while assisting and educating our customers both internally and externally. He often even reaches out to his lead and manager to see if there is anything that he can do to help them with their day.

Kevin comes in to work each day ready to serve and, here is something that one of his co-workers who nominated him said:

“Kevin is reliable and is always here ready to work each morning. He is happy to help agents through the application submission process whether it is through an IGO Queue call, or with a paper application. He has also become a go-to person for other members of the team who have questions. He makes everyone on the team laugh and helps everyone feel at ease during stressful times. It has been a joy having him on the team & he definitely deserves recognition for all of his hard work!”

Kevin lives with his family in Brooklyn Center. He enjoys pulling light-hearted pranks on fellow co-workers, keeping the laughter going through his super strength of sarcasm, golfing, and fun weekends with friends in Wisconsin.

Kevin was chosen from a total of 4 employee nominations. This is his 1st EOTM WIN!  

January - Melanie Kuha

Melanie joined DBS in November of 1997 and has been influential member of the DBS Team throughout her career here. She anticipates the needs of others, educates with grace and patience, and provides outstanding service to all our customers. Oftentimes working with our carrier partner’s Inforce teams is not always the easiest, but Melanie has a vast knowledge, created excellent contacts, and she shares that expertise with her team to best support our customers.

Melanie comes in each day ready to help and here is something one of her fellow co-workers who nominated her said,

“Melanie is amazing. She deserves to be nominated and win because she does so much for our company! She is a hard worker and always goes above and beyond. I have been sick this week, and didn’t come in on Tuesday. She texted me on Wednesday just to see how I was feeling. I came to work Wednesday and Mel helped me out a lot and made sure I had time to catch up on my work. I was still feeling poorly, so when I left early Wednesday, Mel assured me she would take care of everything. And that’s basically Mel in a nutshell. You know you can depend on her. She covers the front desk, helps with policies, makes sure her conversions are taken care of, helps the agents, AND helps me daily. I don’t know what I would do without her.

I feel like she has all the answers, or if she doesn’t know (which is rare), she helps me to find the answers. I feel like I have the best partner and coworker who teaches me so much about this business.”

Melanie lives in Ham Lake and makes the long commute to join us each day (even with this crazy snow). She enjoys gardening, cooking, spending time with friends, her dog Pumpkin, and her daughters: Nicole, Michelle, and Christina. You can see some of her “green thumb” skills as you enter the DBS building with the gorgeous flower planters (when they are not cover in snow).

Melanie was chosen from a total of 8 employee nominations. This is her 1st EOTM WIN!  

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