Employee Recognition Recipients

2021 Recipients

March - Gabe Johnson

The March 2021 Employee of the Month is Gabe Johnson! Gabe joined DBS in December of 2018 as a member of the Support & Services team and he is now a Case Coordinator on the West Team.

As part of this reorganization that aligns Case Coordinators with Case Managers in regional teams, Gabe has taken on several new opportunities to help train other employees within the Case Coordination team. He recently worked on a project to create a work and productivity tracking system for his team. This is the first time we’ve tracked this information and Gabe learned a lot through the process. He has done a great job asking questions and sharing suggestions throughout the project.

Here is some more of the great feedback we received about Gabe this month.

One nomination explains:

“Gabe is an absolute all-star. When it comes to iGO he is an expert on how the system works and knows work-arounds for unique case submissions. His knowledge is vital to the mantra of DBS that ‘we make doing business easier.’ Gabe combines his knowledge with fast response times and an eagerness to help. I’m confident I will always get the right answer when I speak with him.

The correct submission of a case reflects positively on the company, and can help define the early stages of a new advisor relationship. This showcases another reason why we are lucky to have Gabe at DBS. In addition to a strong work ethic, he is a great guy and easy to talk to!”

Another nomination mentions:

“Gabe has really grown in his role as a Case Coordinator and is someone that I can consistently rely on. Gabe has recently been involved in a few projects and he has really excelled. He recently helped to create the document that the Case Coordinators will use to track their work. He created a wonderful document that calculates our work for us automatically. He accepted feedback graciously and we ended up with a great document we can continue to add to.

Gabe has created a few different documents for our team and is always looking for other projects to work on. Gabe consistently asks how he can help his team and is someone the team can rely on. If an agent calls while we are in a meeting, he offers to return the call without hesitation.”

February - Christy Fifer


Christy joined DBS as a full-time remote Case Manager in July of last year. She quickly learned the ropes at DBS and hit the ground running because of her prior experience as a Case Manager. Christy is one of our hybrid Case Managers who handles both permanent and term cases in her assigned states. She has demonstrated high levels of dedication and service to ensure all her customers get top-notch service.

Christy is becoming known within DBS for her forward-thinking approach. Her cases move quickly and smoothly because she plans ahead and proactively communicates when she sees a potential issue. Here is some of the great feedback we received about Christy this month:

An internal nomination states:

“Christy took all term and perm cases on February 1st when DBS realigned Case Manager regions. It is challenging to jump in the middle of the process and can be frustrating, but she has not expressed her frustration even when issues came up with carriers she had no previous experience working with. She just dug in to drive the case forward. She has done this multiple times throughout the month.

Once again, she went above and beyond to get a policy reissued so the contract could place before a cap rate decrease. This is a single premium funded via a 1035 rollover. When it became apparent that funds would not arrive in time, she worked to find a solution to put the contract in force with the proceeds to follow. The carrier agreed to reissue via Docusign. Without her extra effort, the advisor would not have had a chance to get this done in time. Christy is a true professional, knows her cases, and is a stellar asset to DBS. I am proud to have her on the DBS team. It makes us all look good.”

An advisor writes:

“Christy provides constant contact to let me know the status, issues and needs to be provided to resolve issues. Great service!”

An additional advisor nomination reads:

“Christy was instrumental at being able to secure the best overall plan and design available for my client with Allianz. She did an amazing job of staying on top of this case throughout the process. Most of her efforts were proactive, which kept the case on track. She got the attention of supervisors and managers at Allianz to make sure this got through. Without that effort, this case would never have been completed on time.”

Christy was chosen from a total of 25 employee nominations. This is her 1st EOM WIN!
We are so happy to have her be a part of our DBS TEAM! Congratulations, Christy!

January - Liz Kusske

Liz Kusske, January 2021

Liz joined DBS in August 2011 and will be celebrating her 10-year anniversary this summer!

Liz came to DBS after being highly recommended by numerous industry associates. In fact, before joining DBS, Liz worked with several advisors affiliated with DBS. She came to the company already acquainted with a few of the DBS employees. Her previous industry experience included working for a John Hancock GA as their New Business Manager and as a Regional Sales Administrator for Penn Mutual.

Liz is an integral part of the DBS team. She is responsible for making everything run smoothly in addition to managing Chip and Tori’s responsibilities. Furthermore, Liz plays a key role in the detailed, weekly reporting on sales numbers. She continues to build on her knowledge of the CRM and has been instrumental in assisting the Sales Team in learning and using the CRM, building reports, and customizing their views to improve their experience.

Most recently, she worked diligently on organizing the January Sales Team meeting. This year, because it was held virtually, the schedule was a little different. Instead of devoting a full week as we typically do for an in-person meeting, we met each Friday during the month of January. This allowed the Sales Team to continue working each week, rather than lose that valuable time with advisors.

A nomination we received explains her part in the success of this meeting:

“Liz was very instrumental in the development and delivery of the January Sales Team meeting. From working on events and schedules to coordinating with carriers – she was the glue. She partnered with Laura and the marketing team, as well as with Kurt, to find ways to have a successful meeting. In addition, she held a breakout session on CRM tips each Friday afternoon for the team.”

The comments we received on these sessions were: “My CRM session with Liz was the best part of the day!” and “I am so glad that Liz helped me on the CRM – it really will save me this year.”

This is Liz’s 4th Employee of the Month win, having won in 2014, 2017, and most recently in July of last year. Congratulations Liz!

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