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Employee Recognition Recipients

2024 Recipients

January - Rikki Ritz

Rikki joined DBS in November of 2020 as a Hybrid Case Manager and has been providing outstanding service from the start, truly hitting the ground running. Rikki is a part of the East Coast Team and is the sole Case Manager for all of our New York advisors.

A comment this month from Lori Walker illustrates this:

“Rikki has developed such solid relationships with the advisors in New York and it is very evident how much they respect her and the work she does.”

Rikki is extremely thorough with her cases and her advisors. She has created New York cheat sheets and resources for the team to access in the HUB when she’s out of office so that the rest of the team is able to provide quick service.
Even when she is has PTO planned, she is extremely thoughtful and works as far ahead as possible, and she consistently volunteers to assist the team with their work when she has a spare minute.

Rikki’s supervisor had this to say about her work with an advisor:

“An advisor was irritated about a process that he thought was a DBS problem (which he also escalated to the home office), but Rikki did a fantastic job explaining the reasons why the carrier issues policies in New York the way they do, and furthermore shared that DBS has expressed these same frustrations to the carrier. Rikki’s email explaining this was clear and concise, and while it wasn’t the answer the advisor wanted, it was factual and provided the information needed to all that were copied on the email.”

Another nomination for Rikki had this to say:

“WE SURE ARE LUCKY TO HAVE HER. Rikki’s interactions with our New York advisors are prompt, professional and straight to the point. Rikki is great all of the time. She is responsive, detail oriented, VERY efficient and very professional! I’m glad she manages a good amount of my cases.”

This is Rikki’s 2nd win! She also received the honor in July 2021. We are so grateful to have her on our team! Congratulations, Rikki!

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