Life Insurance Awareness Month 2022

"Life Insurance - An easy decision."

Roselyn Sánchez LIAM Spokesperson

We couldn’t agree more with Roselyn Sánchez on this. It’s time to take that step and protect the ones you love with life insurance. #GetLifeInsurance #LIAM22
“Life insurance is something many people think about but don’t act on. I know this can be especially true in the Hispanic community, which I hope to change through my partnership with Life Happens. Through education and this year’s LIAM Campaign, I believe all Americans will see that the decision to get life insurance isn’t a big commitment, but rather an easy decision that also doesn’t cost a lot.” – Roselyn Sánchez
Maximize Social Media During #LIAM21 With These Tips!
September is a time for the financial services and insurance industries to come together and share the importance of life insurance with Americans. During Life Happens’ Life Insurance Awareness Month campaign, check out the #GetLifeInsurance and #LIAM21 hashtags to see all the great conversations taking place. Tips Below!

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LIAM Social Media Graphics

LIAM Social Media Illustrations By Eugenia Mello

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