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Lori Walker
Lori-Anne Walker
Vice President, Chief Underwriter

loriLori brings a wealth of underwriting and leadership expertise to Diversified Brokerage Services. After starting out in disability underwriting, Lori quickly expanded her knowledge of the industry and carved out her niche in working with high net worth cases, specializing in the older age market and capacity cases. Her leadership roles and consulting experience with professional athletes and foreign travel give her added perspective on a variety of special circumstances along with valuable insight on how to position all types of unique situations.

Lori thoroughly understands medical and financial underwriting and has strong carrier relationships, making it easy for her to communicate successfully and position cases effectively and efficiently, reducing turnaround time and increasing placement ratios. She tackles even the most difficult situations with confidence and takes pride in her skill in the “art of negotiation.” She readily admits that she hates to lose so she takes the time to garner proper rating and positioning of the applications by working with representatives, client’s medical professionals, and carrier underwriters. This individual drive that Lori possesses when she approaches each case will be an asset to DBS and is a prime example of our personalized, customer-focused approach. Lori coordinates the advanced underwriting and concierge services offered to our valued agents and partners.

Lori is a member of the LifeMark Underwriting Committee, the Nationwide BGA Underwriting Board, is a MUD Ambassador, Current Treasurer of TCAHOU (Twin Cities Association of Home Office Underwriters), and Vice President of the Underwriting Group – Collaborative Brokerage Network (CBN) that operates with other brokerage agencies to negotiate best business practices within our industry. All of these boards further DBS’s ability to negotiate successfully for cases.

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