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George “Chip” Van Dusen IV
President - Chief Executive Officer
Ext. 227
Victoria “Tori” Van Dusen-Roos
Chief Operations Officer
Ext. 229
Kurt Fasen, LLIF, LUTCF
Sales & Marketing Executive
Ext. 268
Leah Mahoney, FLMI, PCS, NCCM
Director of Operations
Ext. 235
Chuck Anderson
National Sales Director
Ext. 219
Scott Fryklund, CLU, ChFC
Enterprise Relationship Manager
Ext. 262
Kevin Laing
Enterprise Relationship Manager
Ext. 270
Kelly Bjordal
Field Relationship Manager
North Territory
Ed Curtin, CFP, CLU
Field Relationship Manager
Northwest Territory
Kristin Dolan
Field Relationship Manager
Southeast Territory
Tim Foley, CRPC
Field Relationship Manager
East Central Territory
Nate Mortenson, CLU
Regional Life Consultant
North Territory
John Roe
Field Relationship Manager
West Central Territory
Nathan A. Sawyer
Field Relationship Manager Northeast Territory
Ryan Schuhmann
Field Relationship Manager
South Territory
Lynn Williams, CLU, ChFC
Field Relationship Manager
Southern CA & HI
Liz Kusske, ACS
Executive Sales Assistant
Ext. 223
Terri Getman, J.D., CLU, ChFC, RICP, AEP (Distinguished)
Business Development Director
Ext. 230
Laura Thompson, CDMP
Director of Marketing
Ext. 283
Zach Goodermont
Marketing Media Specialist
Ext. 282
Zander Peterson
Marketing Intern
Jann Varner, FLMI
Case Design Team - Director
Ext. 221
Grace Davis
Case Design Analyst
Ext. 244
Duane Dull
Case Design Analyst
Ext. 263
Brian Fair
Senior Case Design Analyst
Ext. 231
Tyler Jarosz
Senior Case Design Analyst
Ext. 257
Dave O’Connell
Case Design Analyst
Ext. 277
Annette Miller
Senior Case Design Analyst
Ext, 220
JR Shimpach
Case Design Analyst
Ext. 272
Pete Schulte
Senior Case Design Analyst
Ext. 281
Jason Zwick
Case Design Analyst
Ext. 259
Lori-Anne Walker
Chief Underwriter
Ext. 218
Barbara Frederickson
ext. 255
David Glasgow
Ext. 286
Kristen Kennedy
Senior Underwriter
Ext. 233
Peg MacArthur
Senior Underwriter
Ext. 236
Alison Bagwill, NCCM
Case Management Supervisor – East Team
Ext. 232
Jason Bonk, NCCM
Case Management Supervisor – Central Team
Ext. 249
Amy Geary, NCCM
Case Management Supervisor – Western Team
Ext. 290
Robin Andachter
Case Manager
Ext. 253
Kelly Barrett
Case Manager
Ext. 250
Gail Burkhardt, NCCM
Senior Case Manager
Ext. 288
Angelina Capista
Case Manager
Ext. 293
Kelli Davison
Case Manager
Ext. 240
Christina Fifer, NCCM
Senior Case Manager
Ext. 279
Godji Gill
Case Manager
Ext. 289
Kristen Griess
Case Manager
Troy Lockrem, NCCM
Case Manager
Ext. 251
Jeni Miller, NCCM
Senior Case Manager
Ext. 269
Mary Moore, NCCM
Senior Case Manager
Ext. 254
Rikki Ritz, NCCM
Senior Case Manager
Ext. 242
Sherri Schug, NCCM
Senior Case Manager
Ext. 285
Jesse Sigrist, NCCM
Senior Case Manager
Ext. 243
Katie Swanson, NCCM
Case Manager
Ext. 214
Sara Lloyd
Case Coordination Supervisor
Ext. 217
Della Distel
Case Coordinator
Ext. 245
Charlie Durie
Case Coordinator
Ext. 210
Jill Jackson
Case Coordinator
Ext. 298
Jeremy Upshaw
Case Coordinator
Ext. 238
Alaina Winson
Operations Project Manager, S&S Manager
Ext. 239
Melanie Kuha
Support & Services Specialist- Lead
Ext. 216
Amy Stip
Inforce Case Manager
Ext. 292
Susan Traff
Support & Services Specialist
Ext. 294
Jason Thompson
IT Manager
Ext. 212
Andrew Georges
Network Administrator
Ext. 213
Alex Colby
Tier 1 Desktop Support
Tracie Anderson
Director of Finance
Ext. 252
Jessica Schultz
Licensing & Commission Supervisor
Ext. 225
Dawn Goss
Licensing & New Account Specialist
Ext. 215
Eric Phillips
Licensing Specialist
Ext. 261
Stewart Manges
Licensing & Commission Specialist
Ext. 275
Allie Munson
Commissions Specialist
Ext. 291

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